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:: System Crash Recovery / Backup

A hard drive crash? Windows ate itself? Constant 'fatal exceptions'? Don't reformat your hard drive or use your recovery disk until you talk to us. Most people have data that they don't want to lose on their computer. Many times we can help you recover most or at least part of your data, saving you money and time. If your system fails due to software or hardware problems we will recover your data as far as is possible and restore your system to normal.

This service is greatly enhanced if you are a subscriber to our System Backup Service.

:: Backup

Your hard drive crashes or is damaged by other means and you have quite possibly lost money as well as valuable data and time. All is lost if this happens to you and your hard drive(s) and/or data was not backed up. In many cases all or most of what you have just lost is probably unrecoverable and irreplaceable. A data backup or complete hard drive backup can save you money and time. We will backup your entire hard drive(s) or just the dat on an agreed upon basis. Typical plans are weekly or monthly but if a lot of data is entered daily you might want to consider a daily backup. The latest backup of your data will be available in the event that your system crashes. If you chose to backup data only it can be fully restored once the hard drive(s) is/are recovered and your software has been reinstalled and configured. An entire system backup will enable us to restore your original programs and data as they were when last backed up.

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